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Real World Brooklyn in the Wild At Fort Greene Crunch

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So far, an inordinate number of Real World Brooklyn field sightings or pics have involved exercise and working out. There was this shot of them outside the Pier 41 HQ. And, then, a sighting at the Crunch gym on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope. Well, now they've been spotted at the Crunch in Fort Greene. Our operative reports:

When asked if it was the Real World, one camera man/crew member said, "Uh, it's...[painful pause]... a documentary about -- uh -- young people living in Brooklyn." Cool. So, here we go, with photos as evidence to back it up. I was on the leg extension machine and in walks three young people followed by about eight crew. The girl was cute, petite, a brunette. One of the guys was black or mixed, a little short (fairly unattractive? i'm horrible). The other guy was a rather muscular (probably southern) attractive white male. The best photo shows what's going on, with the camera man taping the girl and (ugly) guy on the treadmill (who the fuck cares??!?!)
Perhaps more drinking, dancing and debauchery by Monday? All eyes on the Burg.
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