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Construction Watch: Coming in Last in Battery Park City

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The construction pit above may look like a glorified sand box, but this isn't fun and games, folks, it's the serious matter of building out Battery Park City! Located at North End Avenue between Murray and Warren Streets, right next to the baseball fields that got dumped on by the rising Goldman Sachs headquarters (seen in the background), Sites 23 and 24 represent the final two residential towers to rise in BPC. Milstein Properties acquired the rights back in 2006, and at the time announced 421 condos spread over a pair of towers measuring in at 320 and 230 feet, along with a community center. The completion goal was fall 2008, and it looks like they, uh, might miss that deadline. Wired New York has dealt with this project a bunch over the years, and the archigeeks point us to the website of EEK Architects, which has more info on the eco-friendly towers. If you've seen one Battery Park City high-rise, you've seen 'em all, but check out the gallery for a look.
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