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Lil' Shvo: My 'Young, Hip Clients' Don't Do Financial District

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Corcoran's Jared Seligman, the 21-year-old broker-to-the-stars who shot to fame after grabbing the listing for the Olsen twins' Morton Square penthouse (still on the market after a pair of big price cuts, btw) and spilling his guts to W magazine, gets another profile, this time in the pages of The Real Deal. We're thankful, if only because now we can stop using that headshot when dealing with all matters Lil' Shvo. Also, TRD is a trade pub, so at least we'll get some words of real estate wisdom out of Seligman (Corcoran's youngest hire, Rookie of the Year and quickest-ever promotion), instead of focusing on the boldfaced names (DJ AM!) he works with. He's bearish on FiDi:

Seligman said his "young, hip clients" are exclusively interested in Downtown properties. "The ones who want more privacy look in Tribeca," he said, "but we have many, many people who want to be in the East Village. Not so much the Financial District."

What else do we learn about our wunderkind? Well, according to the comments on the story, we find out that Seligman's grandfather is very proud of him.
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