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New Development GripeWire: Novo Problems

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The Novo Park Slope is one of those gifts that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Residents are now moving into the building and it has spawned some griping and other issues. One of the buyers is apparently a Park Slope Parents members who sent out an email with the subject line "Strange Inspection Experience at the Novo." Here it is:

My husband finally did a walk through with a contractor and found many items that needed to be fixed. They made a number of small repairs while he was there, but their representative said they would not fix a number of items (one of the floorboards is a very different color than the others, one tile is cracked, noticeable scratches in the railing on the balcony that the contractor said could be buffed out, a fairly large chip is missing from the wood part of the guest bathroom medicine cabinet, numerous scratches on the balcony door and a window frame, etc. etc.) that she acknowledged were problems. We find this to be an issue because they could potentially impact the re-sale value of the apartment. She asked my husband to sign a document saying we found everything in good condition. My husband pointed out that there were several items which were not in acceptable condition, and she responded that she would not add them to the list, and pressured him to sign the document anyway. When my husband told her he would speak with me and get my input and then get back to her, she said this was unacceptable. In short, it did not make sense to me that we were purchasing something new that had obvious problems that the representative acknowledged but would not fix. We don't understand why they would acknowledge problems but simply say they would not fix them.

We sense a Novo buyers gripe blog in the making.
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