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Stuy Town Landlord Goes on 'Magical Mystery Tour'

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The banks of the East River just got a little more frisky, because rental megacomplex Stuyvesant Town now has its second watchdog blog (they get FiOS and they go a little nuts with the blogs, eh?). But if veteran Lux Living is the wisecracking smartass of the pair, then the new guy?The Stuyvesant Town Report?is the sober straight man. But there is still room for comedy! Note the man in the tan suit in the picture above. According to Stuy Town Report, that's Tishman Speyer boss Rob Speyer on a tour of the grounds, checking out the future Oval Amenities. Talk about a ripe opportunity! Did armies of disgruntled Stuy Towners take this opportunity to accost their landlord, speak truth to power, toss a pie, etc., etc.?

Stuyvesant Town Report writes:

As reported by a member of Stuyvesant Town message board, Tishman Speyer President and Co-CEO Rob Speyer and a group of about nine suits (minus one suit due to an arm in a sling) descended Tuesday morning upon Stuyvesant Town for a tour of the complex. The member accosted the group as they passed him by, telling them what a horrible job they were doing, to which Rob Speyer answered, "Thank you."You're...welcome? Wow, that's a mindfuck.
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