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Gehry Booted from Brooklyn Theater Project & Isn't Told

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Before we go any further, let us say: Ouch! Frank Gehry has been booted as one of the architects of the Theater for a New Audience in the BAM Cultural District in Fort Greene. That, however, is not the swift kick in the rear end. Nope. That foot on the Starchitect's posterior is because nobody told him until a reporter from the New York Times called him. (God, we hate when that happens.) Mr. Gehry was working with Hugh Hardy on the building’s initial design. The job now solely belongs to Mr. Hardy. The theater's founder said via email that the de-Franking of the project was due to "Mr. Gehry’s busy schedule and the need to finish the design within a few months, a process that included a site change in June." And so, "Frank is unable to contribute to this final phase of design." And, here is where the mirth begins. According to the Times, the theater founder said "Frank Gehry has said to us, ‘I’m sorry that I have to withdraw, but I’m a great fan of Hugh’s, and Theater for a New Audience is going to have a terrific theater.’" When the reporter reached him on the phone, however, a very confused Starchitect said that it was all news to him: "I didn’t even know they were starting over again. I suppose they didn’t need two of us." Mr. Gehry also said of Mr. Hardy: "He’s quite adequate for the job without me...I would guess there are financial reasons for this." First, the Enrique Norten library is blindfolded, given a smoke and shot. And, now, this. Burn!
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