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Real World in the Wild, Part II

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We have a Real World sighting from Greenpoint: "I was at Matchless last night and the Real World crew showed up. I grew up in Greenpoint, and I never would have thought that I would see an MTV film crew near the spot where I used to play who can collect the most differently colored crack vile caps with my little sister (now Tahoe Triangle). They don't look like your typical Real World cast. One guy was wearing a pink fanny pack over his butt, and I have to say, he pulled it off. There is certainly the jock southern/midwestern guy and the sorority girl, but other cast members looked almost hipster with tattoos, etc. It got a little awkward when the crowd started shouting at the camera men to get down in front of the stage where people were trying to perform on open-mic night. Also, several people noted that the bright lights were annoying in the dark bar." [CurbedWire Inbox; Real World Coverage]