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The Madison Square Backlash Begins: Buyers Are 'Suckers'

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One Madison Park, the Clock Tower, and now, 23 East 22nd Street. With three of the more anticipated New York residential developments springing up on one corner of Madison Square Park?and with a few other superfabulous buildings doing their thing on other corners?it's only natural for the hype machine to head into overdrive. And hyped, the neighborhood is. Which means...the backlash is upon us. Oops, we mean already here, because the above photo wound up in our inbox with this note:

Do the suckers (oops I mean purchasers) of all the expensive new condos know about all the events in Madison Square Park? Super loud music, either Indian or Pakistani today, and there are many of these gatherings. Even worse, Shake Shake closes since they don't want to insult the vegan visitors. No Shack Burgers for the rest of us.That's right RoRandon and SchrWatts: the Vegans are on your doorstep, and they've come to ruin your lunch!
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One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010