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Former Rent-Stabilized Strongholds Battle For Awkwardly-Posed Gentrifiers

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When we last had a look at Brooklyn's Flatbush Gardens, a Curbed reader was very pissed about the "Arafat scarf" that appeared in an ad for the rental complex. We assumed that was as weird as the Flatbush Gardens tale would get, but as is the case with most of our opinions, we were wrong. The 59-building East Flatbush property used to be called Vanderveer Estates, a rent-stabilized working class housing enclave. Now, in a "comparison chart" that appears on Flatbush Gardens' website, the developers are taking aim at another rent-stabilized working class housing enclave that has gone the way of re-branding: Stuyvesant Town. The chart shows the total "monthly savings" young white couples can enjoy if they spurn Tishman Speyer's Stuy Town for Flatbush Gardens, a list of expenditures that includes the cost of one cab ride from the West Village. Wait, only one ride? Wait, there's a cab out there that will actually take you from Manhattan to Flatbush?
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