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Construction Watch: JetBlue's Terminal 5 Gets Test Run

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On Saturday, JetBlue opened up its brand new Terminal 5 at JFK to frequent fliers and staff members for a dress rehearsal before the $743 million terminal starts dealing with real (read: ornery) air travelers in October. With a promise of free food and free swag, the lab rats showed up and received fake identities and fake itineraries for fake flights. Eater was there to scout out the restaurant row at Terminal 5 (which "hugs," as the Times puts it, Eero Saarinen's legendary Terminal 5 for TWA), and Racked was on retail recon. When done, JetBlue's baby will have a plethora of high-end restaurants, and stores like Muji, Lacoste, and a store from sports-talk radio station WFAN. Let's hope they haven't already printed up Mike & The Mad Dog leather jackets! Above, some shots that show just how far Terminal 5 has come since we last checked in a year ago. We can almost feel the TSA agent patting down our nether regions.
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