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The Curtain Comes Down on Free McCarren Pool Parties

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The last McCarren Pool Party happened yesterday in front of a crowd estimated by a special Curbed Correspondent as being somewhat under full capacity and "crowded but not packed." Early on the lines to get into the show, which was a fundraiser for Democrat Barack Obama, looked really long. There was a lot of wistful talk about it being the end of an era, but JellyNYC founder Alexander Kane said that "We're going to be doing this next year on the waterfront." (In fact, the Dodgeball Dude said the series will be spreading to other cities, including dodge ball.) The producers are pushing to get a space cleared on the future site of Bushwick Inlet Park in time ffor next year, possibly this spot. As for the show, our correspondent noted that: "The crowd and the momentousness of the Pool Parties' last stand overshadowed the music itself." The headliner was Yo La Tengo. Of course, there's a Sonic Youth show to actually close out the pool concert era Labor Day Weekend. And, then, McCarren will go back to being a pool.
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