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Family Man Defends Financial District as Suburban Paradise

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In terms of residential make-up, the Financial District has a reputation of being home to rambunctious youngsters who love to work hard and play harder. But within a StreetEasy message board thread about FiDi properties like 20 Pine and Philippe Starck's 15 Broad Street (remember that one?), one FiDi buyer has taken it upon himself to spread the truth about his new nabe. He writes:

We just moved the family here from "oh so perfect" Tribeca, and are planning on staying for a while. We got a huge space that we can grow into, a quiet neighborhood which has the lowest crime rate in the city, quaint streets, more families than you can shake a stick at and a down to earth vibe that blows away the pretentiousness of most of Manhattan. Access to parks is unrivaled. We have real neighbors that have kids, birthday parties, cocktails on the terrace and community. Weekends my son can run out the front door of the building and not worry about getting run over by a cab (which contrary to popular belief are plentiful downtown).You know what? Drinking cocktails and shaking a stick at families does sound like fun!
· Thread: Downtown by Philippe Starck at 15 Broad Street in Wall Street [StreetEasy]

15 Broad Street

15 Broad St, New York, NY 10005