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Ace Hotel Shows Off Pretty Pictures, Seeks Vinyl Lovers

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Now that the Thompson LES is (somewhat) open, attention shifts to the next blockbuster hotel opening: André Balazs' Standard New York above the High Line. But flying under the radar is the Ace Hotel at Broadway and 29th Street, the conversion of the landmarked Hotel Breslin from hobo hideaway to hipster hostel. Well, hostel might not be the right word, because the Ace will have a restaurant from Ken Friedman (Spotted Pig, Rusty Knot), the first NYC location of Portland java purveyors Stumptown, and a Rudy's Barber Shop to challenge Freemans. Cooler-than-thou, certainly, but the location certainly isn't, which is probably why the Ace is still relatively unknown. Not for much longer!

HotelChatter recently toured a model room, and mentioned interesting touches like in-room SMEG fridges stocked with six-packs, and turntables/acoustic guiatrs at the ready. There were no photos, but the Ace gang has released renderings of a model room to illustrate what HC was talking about. Oops, did we say renderings? We meant sketches, because Roman & Williams is designing the hotel's interiors, and we know how much they enjoy the classy sketch thing. The hotel will open this winter, and shockingly, the powers-that-be insist it won't be expensive. Come CMJ '09, let's just say the party starts here, in a little neighborhood we like to call, uh...what's this neighborhood called again?
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