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Is the City's Tilt Toward Developers Screwing Industry?

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Is the city's push to make huge areas of some neighborhoods good for residential development squeezing industry? Well, a big new study from Pratt says yes. Back in 2002, there were 12,542 acres of land zoned for manufacturing and the total has fallen 20 percent due to rezonings like the huge one of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in 2005. (The city says the acreage is only down 11 percent.) Regardless, about 37,000 industrial jobs have gone bye-bye since the Mayor took office. Brooklyn has the most land zoned for manufacturing, but 14 percent is gone due to recent rezonings; another four percent is on the table right now. (Both the Union Avenue Williamsburg buildings in the photo above came down last year for new residential buildings.) Recently, Brooklyn Brewery owner Steve Hindy made the media rounds after publishing an account of how he's being squeezed out of Williamsburg and can't find another location. There's a Brooklyn Displacement Map here (WARNING: PDF) and a Queens Displacement Map here (WARNING: PDF) too.
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