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CurbedWire: Ace Will Take Time, Sexworker Roommate Wanted

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FLATIRON?--Yesterday, we had some renderings of the Ace Hotel, which will someday be a hipster haven. Today, courtesy of a tipster, we have some exterior shots giving a sense of how the work is going, which is to say, in his words "Looks like they have a ways to go." [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?Here's one to warm the hearts of the sexworkers out there. A tipster sends a CL listing that was flagged and, but not before a screencap was made. First the header: "$1200 Sexworker roommate seeks same (East Village)" And, here's the text: "I am only interested in living with a fellow sexworker, either male or female. I work from home but only work a couple of days a week. I have a nice 2 bedroom two bath in the east village. 2nd floor. Clean, minimalist. internet, gas stove, bath tub. windows. Please do not respond unless u r a sexworker also. Serious enquiries only. move in date now to september 1st. month to month is ok." [CurbedWire Inbox]