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Now, a Scarano Building with a Scary Name & a Blog

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This is Alvora. It is a 23-unit building designed by architect Robert Scarano on Crooke Avenue in Prospect Park South (which is where it sounds like it is in Brooklyn). Other than the fact that it has a name that makes us think of a hideous ominvorous insect (as in, "Oh crap, honey, we have an Alvora problem, where'd you put the Yorkie?"), the other thing of note is that it has spawned a blog called 34 Crooke that does not even seem to mention the architect from whose drawning board the Alvora sprang, but does talk a bit about the building. For instance, the blogger seems a bit frustrated with the pace of things at the building and seems confused about the neighborhood's name itself. He also explains the building's name. Bizarrely, it is named after "Dean Alvord, the guy who developed PPS in the first place....they changed the name. I guess they thought 'Alvora' would sell better than 'Alvord.' I'm not too crazy about the name either way and would rather refer to the building by it's address unless it's going to talk back to me." It is this comment about why he bought at the Alvora, however, that should warm the heart of the embattled architect: "Most of what we saw made us realize what we DIDN'T want i.e. an ugly, cheap brick box and most of what we saw in our price range was exactly that."
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