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Bowery of Old Not Going Without a Fight

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Think the era of the Bowery flophouse has come to an end in the face of luxury hotels, luxury condos, luxury museums, luxury restaurants, luxury lounges, luxury boutiques and luxury grocery stores? Think again! Vanishing New York updates us on the case of the Andrews Hotel at 197 Bowery, a run-down bum palace being converted by developers into...a less run-down bum palace! The folks in charge are the same ones building The Lee on the Lower East Side, and the aim is the same: housing for those in need. According to Common Ground, once completed the Andrews House will offer 146 short-term living units, including some for only $7 per night. At least the paparazzi will have a cheap place to crash while they're staking out Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who bought a place next door.
· Flophouse Reveal [Vanishing New York]