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Construction Watch: The Argyle Finally Rising on Fourth Avenue

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The Argyle condo on Fourth Avenue in Gowanus is finally starting to look like building. After a slow start, Argyle has added floors in both the front and back and has reached eight floor. In recent weeks, has actually become visible above the lower buildings around it. (Back in the winter and spring, it looked like the knitting has come to a halt after just doing half a sleeve.) The Argyle comes from the drawing boards of Meltzer/Mandl and will have 12 floors. It bills itself as being in Park Slope, and its sales office is on Fifth Avenue in the Slope, but it is resolutely on the Gowanus side of the Fourth Avenue Dividing Line. Streeteasy shows 15 units, priced from $475K-$965K still on the market, and 33 as having been sold.
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