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On the Market: Trump Parc East Now Accepting Euros

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Is Donald Trump the most beloved man in the world? That's a serious question! It's the only explanation we can think of to explain the assumed marketing power of the Trump name. The Donald's Trump Soho condo-hotel is being pitched almost exclusively to foreign buyers. His Trump Park Avenue building has gone Russian and upped prices to astounding levels. And now, the Observer's Max Abelson reports, the banker who owns the penthouse at Trump Parc East on Central Park South is selling for an asking price of $38 million, three years after buying the condo for $10 million. And wouldn't you know it, the price, taxes and common charges are given in dollars and euros, and the square-footage is shakily converted to meters. In fact, all Stribling listings will be given this foreigner-friendly treatment, but that transition will come even quicker if this full-floor 4,400sqft apartment (with effin' gorgeous roof deck) sells for $38 million. Er, €25,961,600. A Frenchie and a Saudi are reportedly "already interested."
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