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Construction Watch: Toren Tops Off

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Toren, the new residential tower on Flatbush Avenue, had its topping off event yesterday. A special Curbed correspondent was on hand for the festivities and, in addition, to capturing a lot of images from the ground and the roof, reported:

The party was good, low-key - there was bbq for all, including the construction workers who mingled alongside suit-clad investors and partners. Don Capoccia made a quick "thank you" speech, thanking first and foremost the mayor for "recognizing that Flatbush Ave was not a place for carwashes anymore."...They took a bunch of folks up to the top floor for a photo op at the end. Crazy views.
In all, Toren has 240 units on the market with sales currently at the halfway point.
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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201