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CurbedWire: Midtown Building is HOT, Chelsea Piers is Sinking

MIDTOWN?A tipster sends in the above shots, noting, "Midtown building on fire?! 39th and Madison. Looks to be about 20th floor?" Holy crap, Midtown inferno!!! Well, maybe not. One minute later, that same tipster noted, "Seems to be under control." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA?More chaos!!! This time at Chelsea Piers, where a tipster writes, "I heard that as of 10pm last night (10/27/08) Chelsea Piers (or at least the Sky Rink, Pier 62) has been closed after being determined to be structurally unsound." Gothamist couldn't get a comment out of the Piers peeps, but the rink is "closed for repairs." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CLINTON HILL/FT. GREENE?The four-legged friends of Brooklyn need more places to run around and sniff each other, a reader tells us. "Clinton Hill and Ft. Greene needs a dog run. The off leash hours in Ft. Greene park are great, but insufficient for many of us. Besides the hours being inconvenient for many, not all dogs can be trusted off leash in an unconfined space. I in no way wish to undermine the off leash hours at Ft. Greene Park. I just think a dog run in the neighborhood would be a wonderful addition." Agree? Here's the Google group set up to rally support. [CurbedWire Inbox]