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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Lofted in the BelDel

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Location: 62 Orchard Street #4
Asking: $2,495,000

This LES loft posed a challenge for our PriceSpotters this week, due to its below-Delancey location, still somewhat uncharted territory in terms of housing stock loaded with chef's kitchens, Dornbacht fixtures and "SPA-like Rain Forest SHOWER Heads." And so, while many guesses sniffed around the correct price (including some $2.4 million bids), the exact amount was never nailed. Lots of people liked the space, but not the tacked-on third bedroom. And, as is usually the case with the Lower East Side, there was plenty of debate about the changing face of the 'hood. Better luck next week, suckas!
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