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These Renderings Are Absolute Garbage

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[Renderings: Weisz & Yoes] And there it is folks, the source of so much anger and frustration and protests and lunch debates in Hudson Square: the Department of Sanitation's proposed garbage truck garage at Spring and West Streets. The highly anticipated renderings come via the Architect's Newspaper, which goes into great detail on the design, produced by Dattner Architects and Weisz + Yoes. It looks a little shorter than we anticipated, but the footprint is huge: the eco-friendly green roof will be "nearly the size of a football field." As it turns out, the façade of "fins" mentioned at yesterday's City Planning Commission hearing was sort of misleading. It's a "louvered curtain wall" (Duh!), which will track sunlight and adjust the slats to maximize energy efficiency. Architect Claire Weisz told AN: "Sanitation is actually prepared to do a piece of architecture like they do in Europe. It's going to be a great civic gesture, not the sort of bland buildings we're used to." For some reason, we don't think the West Soho locals will be satisfied.
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Update: Clair Weisz, of Weisz & Yoes, hips us to the above, a more current rendering of the project, and clarifies: "It is a piece of civic industrial architecture. The building is environmentally responsive, compatible to the current scale of the surrounding industrial and residential buildings and history of the area. The elevations reflect a unified system that is at the same time dynamic, with each façade creating a different experience."