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Instant Enlightment in Gowanus Will Come with Price Tag

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We have been waiting and waiting to see what would happen with the building we called "The Bunker" on Bond Street in Gowanus that has been named Satori for marketing purposes. Now, we know: it's hitting the market with a formal sales effort as of September 7 and prices that range from $470,000 for a studio to the mid-$500s for 1BRs and $850K-$950K for 2BRs. The website isn't fully functional yet, but Satori means "instant enlightment" in Japanese. The site made an impression during construction by moving slowly and, then, when an attack dog got loose and sort of sank its teeth into a dog being walked past the site. Enough of that, though. Satori "introduces a new living experience, utilizing the art of Japanese design, layering a multitude of textures and an original conceptional facade." It comes from the shop of Robert Scarano and is a half-block from the Gowanus Canal and a block from the possible Toll Brothers Gowanus development.
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