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Manhattan House Declared Effective, Sir Alex Wants In

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There had been some lingering questions over certain deadlines that Manhattan House?the condo conversion that is helping to bring sexy back to post-war white-brick megafortresses?had to reach, but a press release has some good news for buyers at the 583-unit behemoth at 200 East 66th Street: The offering plan has been declared effective by the state, and closings will begin shortly. Congrats! One of those closings, Braden Keil reports today, will be Manchester United coach/living legend Sir Alex Ferguson, who just signed on for a three-bedroom penthouse in the five-tower complex. No price given, but Keil notes that prices have hit upwards of $2,700 per square foot (!), and Ferguson's pad measures just under 3,000sqft. Yowza. Hey, Manhattan House doesn't hold the title of the country's most expensive condo conversion for nothing, right?
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Manhattan House

200 East 66th Street, New York, NY