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Burg Gets Toxic Dust Clouds, but LIC Has Green Roof

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[Right photo courtesy of New York Times]

Call it a tale of two utilities, except that it's all about the same one: Con Ed. In one corner, we have Williamsburg, where residents are complaining of "clouds" of toxic dust billowing from an historic waterfront power plant being demolished and drifting right toward a park and apartment complexes housing hundreds of families and children. In the other corner, is Long Island City, where the utility's kinder gentler side is serving up a nice, environmentally-friendly and photogenic green roof. As for the Burg problem, "It's like Desert Storm," a tenant association leader who's also a City Council candidate tells the Daily News. "That building was contaminated with asbestos." No asbestos in LIC, though, per the Times: "The thousands of recently planted green and purple shrublike sedum lining the roof of Con Edison’s training center in Long Island City...are at the center of a growing effort to reduce greenhouse gases, rainwater runoff and electricity demand in New York." (Okay, it's part of a bigger story on green roofs in the city.) Ah, the left hand giveth and the right one taketh away.
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