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On the Market: Heath Ledger's Last Loft

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We've pointed out the instances in which the late Heath Ledger's name has been used to market property, but his name is nowhere to be found on this, the new-to-market listing for his last residence. Braden Keil reports that the 419 Broome Street loft asking $26,000/month is the same one the actor passed away inside back in January. The Joker paid $22k/month when he was living in the 4,400-square-foot Soho spread, and the apartment was being "quietly shopped around" since February. No takers, hence the online listing. Are people turned off by the cast-iron building's morbid recent history? Not upstairs, at least, where the penthouse was recently rented. That one was listed for a whopping $70,000 per month.
· Listing: 419 Broome Street [Corcoran]

UPDATE: As a Curbed commenter points out, the correct address (perhaps changed to deflect media attention) is 421 Broome Street.

419 Broome Street

419 Broome Street, New York, NY