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Toilet Training in Madison Square Park

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Working our way through the lunchtime crowds at the edge of Madison Square Park we couldn't help but hear a voice calling out from a van parked nearby: "Just push the button, Ma'am." His instructive words were directed towards a hapless looking tourist-type person standing bewildered within one of those shiny Cemusa public pissoirs, this one just a bun's throw from the Shake Shack where it was installed many months ago. All that time and folks still don't know how to make this fancy thing work? The woman's confusion wasn't all that surprising, considering the complexity of the machine and the fact that it uses up a whopping 14 gallons of water per tinkle. Perhaps her puzzlement was also the result of too many burgers - and the inevitable Shack Overload? Whichever, as the door slid shut she raised a hand and offered a slight wave to her helpful instructor. And we continued on our way.
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