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Week in Review: Ace Shows Its Hand, More Calatrava Changes, Apartments Selling at Losses, Garbage Renderings

As you begin your long Labor Day Weekend, check out some of the coverage on Curbed during the last official week of Summer 2008.

1) Flatiron: The future hipster hangout Ace Hotel showed its hand in the form of some future renderings. Check out the new look.

2) WTC Site: Yes, there are more changes coming to Santiago Calatrava's design for the PATH Terminal. Will they ever end?

3) Manhattan: Holy crap. Some apartments are selling at a loss?

4) Soho: Finally, we had renderings that we can honestly say are garbage.

5) Stuy Town: Anyone who thinks that scandals don't take a toll hasn't seen the sad casualties of Stuy Town's simmering WallGate.

6) Carroll Gardens: The long, long fight over 360 Smith Street's former Heavy Metal Building continues. The latest round: an (advisory) thumbs down from the local community board on the current height due to zoning madness.

360 Smith Street

360 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 Visit Website