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24 Hours at Thompson LES: The Morning After, Final Thoughts

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It's time to wrap up our stay at the new Thompson LES boutique hotel, a stay that has included spy reports on the lobby, rooms, mini-bars, pool and concierge, and so much more. Now: the breakfast spread and a final assessment.

The complimentary breakfast at Thompson LES, served to guests in the sparse lobby, is a good effort. Staff-to-guest ratio is approximately 6:1. Of the six, 100% of them are morning people, or do a great job of faking it.

When the dust finally clears at 190 Allen (hopefully sometime before New Years) the Thompson LES will be the most polished neighbor on the block. Whether it's a nail in the coffin of the LES, or good for business at the Tenement Museum, it's going to be a very relevant contributor to the area's vibe. As time goes by, it will be fun to see how much the neighborhood influence seeps in; Once Above Allen, Shang, and the Spa open their doors, it should be a good show. Like any good neighbor, we'll be watching.

[The lobby, with coffee and breakfast. Any bums want to give it a shot?]

· Wi-Fi: not ready. Not in the rooms, not in the lobby. Note: This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the very fetching bellboy will hook you up with a cable. (There is a wireless network called "Mneeah!!!" but that doesn't sound Pomeranc-approved)
· Concierge: ready. Fully up and running, happily securing reservations all over the Lower East Side and above Houston Street, even.
· Room Service: ready-ish. If you're cool with Lil' Frankies and Remedy Diner, then good for you. Those are the two restaurants (and the only two restaurants) they've arranged delivery with, per our spy's Eater report.
· Pool: not ready. Closer than last week, but not even close.
· Spa: not ready. We found an elevator marked "Spa," but it didn't go anywhere.
· Mini-bar: ready. Fully stocked mini-fridge and pantry. Up high, theoretically to keep the kids out. But there's no one here under 25.
· Toiletries: ready, with a crucial update. Bathroom is equipped with Kiehl's products, NOT Fresh as earlier reported. There will be no Pomegranate Conditioning Hair Rinse, but there is the perfectly nice Aloe Vera and Oatmeal lotion, Protein Concentrate Shampoo and Formula 133 Hair Conditioner. Plenty of cotton balls and q-tips, too.

And there you have it. Our tipster's time in the Thompson LES may be up, but as a wise man once said, you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!
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