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24 Hours at Thompson LES: Having a Look Around the Place

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Earlier, our deep-cover spy at the Thompson LES let us in on the check-in and lobby situation, the look of the room and the bells and whistles of the mini-bar. Now, it's time to dig up some dirt.

With most amenities not quite done, and the elevators controlled by key card, there isn't much detective work a guest can do at the Thompson LES right now. But that didn't stop us from acquiring some precious intel:

The Pool: It hurts our eyes to see an unfinished pool on a hot August day, but at least they are working on it. The tiles are being put into place for the depth markers, and the deep end will be three feet, ten inches, which obviously means a "no diving" rule is in effect, so plan accordingly. Andy Warhol's face is still very much MIA. Once open, be advised to pack plenty of SPF, because this baby is well positioned for sun at least until early afternoon, at which point the building shoots itself in the foot by shading its own pool deck. Another critical detail: Odd-numbered rooms face east, overlooking the pool. Certain guests may wish to keep this in mind when booking, if they're into that whole ogling thing. Also of note, guest room windows open juuust enough to ash a cigarette into the water. Not that you would do that.

The Concierge: One of the very, very few amenities currently up and running at Thompson LES (save the mini-bar, of course) is the concierge desk. Staffed by exceptionally friendly ladies and gents, each is very warm and helpful in their own way, though none of them seem like real LES locals. Case in point, they'll happily tell you the cross streets for Milk and Honey, but they don't have the phone number. While their first two restaurant suggestions were not even technically on the Lower East Side (call us sticklers, but Lil' Frankies and Café Orlin are both firmly above Houston, even if we agree they do a nice lunch), there was sweet redemption in the recommendations for Stanton Social and 'inoteca, and even the quiet Tre on Ludlow. And when directions are offered so kindly, and on such a handy dandy take-along card, you can't help but love them a little. Reservations are confirmed via printed notecard, complete with directions, and delivered to the room by those omnipresent bellboys.
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