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24 Hours at Thompson LES: The Minibar Revealed!

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Because it's the most important new Lower East Side building since BLUE, and because all it takes to gain access is about 300 bucks, Curbed sent a special secret operative to stay at the soft-opened Thompson LES hotel over the weekend. Earlier, our secret spy told us all about the check-in and lobby situation and then we did a big ol' reveal of the room. And now: the minibar.

Surprise! The fully-stocked minibar is? a minibar. Kids can get a sugar high from Swedish fish, Oreos and Rice Krispie Treats. For those over 18, there's a bit more fun to be had, but surprisingly nothing from Economy Candy. Really, what's wrong with Necco wafers from a neighborhood institution? Here's a high-low rundown of the more interesting selections, along with what it costs to enjoy them from the comfort of those Sferra sheets:

· Kiki de Montparnasse Sensuality Kit: What's in a Sensuality kit? Wouldn't you like to know - $195.00

· Veuve Clicquot: September wine shop may or may not deliver to 190 Allen - $45.00

· eBoost: Guaranteed to cure even the Fat-Babiest of hangovers - $13.50

· Patron Silver: Call room service, they'll bring the rocks - $12.00

· Dean and Deluca Chocolate Cherries: Would be nice during a bath, but there's no tub - $9.50

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