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The Wrecking Ball Comes for the Hamberger Factory

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L&M Equities, which has plans to throw up a series of condo towers on the west side of the BQE between Congress and Baltic Streets, is now finally in stage three of its grand plan of destruction. It demolished 75 Columbia Street, at the corner of Warren Street, a couple months back, and then made short work of a collection of small buildings at the corner of Hicks and Congress Streets. That only left the grandest of the three properties L&M bought from Long Island College Hospital: the old Hamberger Christmas display factory on Warren and Hicks.
Well, lovers of the old brick building?the history of which Lost City has detailed?shouldn't count on seeing it past Labor Day. The construction equipment has arrived and the tear-down is beginning on the Baltic Street side. (Passersby: watch out for possible clouds of glitter.) Workmen also smashed two curious holes in the façade. Could they be the eyes of Old Man Hamberger staring accusingly into the face of Big Development? Spooky. ?Brooks of Sheffield
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