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Proposed New East Village Synagogue Looks Suspiciously Like Apartment Building

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The board of directors at Adas Le Israel Anshei Meseritz at 415 East Sixth St. (at First Ave.) voted last month to okay the demolition of the synagogue and replace it with a new one—one that, a few extras aside, looks suspiciously like an apartment building. The plan calls for a six-story residential building that would also contain a synagogue on the first two floors. The deal was struck with the Kushner Companies. But, per The Villager, "[One] prominent member of the dwindling congregation has questions about the transparency of the deal with the developer, and his lawyer has asked the state attorney general... to look into the matter." Hmmm. By the way, several members of the synagogue Anshe Meseritz were among the locals who objected to nearby fancy drink emporium Death & Co.'s name and appearance. —EV Grieve
· Rebuild Plan for Shul Fuels Debate in Congregation [The Villager]