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30 Great Jones Plan Revealed: Parking! Signage!

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All the fretting over the scary rumors that NYU planned to build a monster dorm on the site of the recently deceased 30 Great Jones Street has proven to be pointless. A crew has laid a concrete slab on the site and, apparently, is preparing for more of the three-dimensional parking elevators like the ones that surround this narrow little lot. And there's a surprise of sorts: According to the DOB, some permits have been issued to erect an indirectly illuminated advertising sign and a structure for ground signage. It looks like those permits were OK'd in January, a few months before the Landmarks Preservation Commission declared these blocks to be a newly-protected part of the Noho Historic District. The Edison Parking gang that controls this site was very hush-hush about all this, and it seems they're getting it done with hardly anyone being the wiser. Unparalleled Parking, indeed.
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