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CurbedWire: Glimpse of Gottlieb, Gramercy Green's Uniform

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WEST VILLAGE?We've previously mentioned the five-story apartment building at 79 Horatio Street (right) for its connection to the estate of late West Side property baron Bill Gottlieb, and as the auction of 10-unit building approaches (it's scheduled for August 20), you now have a chance to get a peak inside. There's an open house tonight at 79 Horatio at 7:30 p.m. At last check, eight of the apartments were vacant and the process was underway to boot a rent-regulated tenant, whose primary residence was reportedly on the West Coast. A tipster now says there are "nine vacancies," so maybe that process has concluded. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCY?Hey, remember Gramercy Green, the 23rd Street condo building marketed to Irish investors that then got sold to NYU instead, screwing a bunch of foreigners that had signed contracts? Sometimes we wonder if that was all just a dream. Anyway, a tipster writes in with an update on the dorm-to-be: "The Irish/NYU bldg at 23rd and 3rd won't be plagued by the same problems as 110 Third World. They are finishing installing identical 1" white mini-blinds on all the windows, hoping to avoid the refugee camp look." Memo to freshmen: be on the lookout for angry leprechauns. [CurbedWire Inbox]

79 Horatio Street

79 Horatio Street, New York, NY 10014