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On the Racked: More Muji Madness, Nothing Gets Between the High Line and its Calvins, More!

And now the latest from Racked, covering retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Flatiron Could the city's third Muji location (not including the pending JFK outpost) be the empty retail space at Jade (above), the West 19th Street pod building designed by Jade Jagger?

2) West Chelsea: Calvin Klein (the company) will celebrate its 40th birthday during Fashion Week with a huge bash on the High Line, making this the official first VIP/celeb-studded High Line event that you can't get into.

3) Madison Square Derek Jeter's 24 Hour Fitness gym is not, shall we say, winning over the locals.

4) Jersey City: Racked hits up the Jersey City Target so you don't have to, unless you're looking for "a whole crapdom of styles."

5) Lower East Side: A self-described "vintage-countryclub-inspired boutique," Gargyle would still be cooler if it had TVs showing old episodes of Gargoyles on loop.

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