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Gross Out Tuesdays: A Sign for Every Secretion

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OK, so we're stealing the title from our friends at Eater, but we'd be remiss in not pointing out the sudden influx of New Yorkers fighting back against naughty public behavior via that treasured old medium, the sign. The one on the left comes from our guest editor Lost City, who writes, "I've seen a lot of impromptu, homemade signs instructing people to pick up after their dogs over the years, but nothing as exhaustive, as detailed, as composed as the missive that's currently adorning nearly every tree on President Street between Columbia and Van Brunt in the Columbia Heights Waterfront District." The middle shot, focusing on a more human angle, is from our other guest editor this week, EV Grieve. And the one on the right is from East Village Idiot, but shot in Brooklyn. In terms of gross-out value, we'll take condomania over the others. Plus, it has that dramatic ... pause.
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