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Hipster Barber Shop Honors Those That Trimmed Before Them

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When a neighborhood fixture suddenly closes up shop, the transition of the space to a new, more upscale establishment is usually a painful one for longtime locals; just another reminder that they're being priced out/aged out/cooled out. Perhaps that's why trendy barber shop Freemans Sporting Club decided to handle its takeover of the West Village's Nick's Hair Stylists in a very sensitive way. Vanishing New York has the before-and-after of the signage at 5 Horatio Street, and you can see that Freemans decided to keep the retro look of Nick's, even recycling the old "Always at the right wave length" slogan. Well, with one minor tweak.

Is it an intentional ironic gag? Can never tell with those Freemans kids.
· Nick's Becomes Freemans [VNY]