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Upper East Side in Bitter Battle Over New Hospital Building

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[Rendering: Smith-Miller + Hawkinson]

Between St. Vincent's and Mount Sinai, this city has all the hospital-related development drama it can handle. But hey, there's always room for one more! Currently playing to a very attentive Upper East Side audience: the Hospital for Special Surgery's plan for a 12-story building built on a deck over the FDR Drive between East 71st and 72nd Streets. The River Building, as it's called, would be an outpatient center just north of the 145-year-old hospital's main building, which also wants a three-story extension. The City Planning Commission is currently weighing the proposal, and if approved, it would head to the City Council. Neighbors have waged full-scale war on the River Building, claiming the hospital has already turned 71st Street into a snarl of traffic and parked trucks. Oh, and if their river views are protected via the proposal getting shot down, that would be nice, too.
· Hospital Plans to Build Over F.D.R. Drive, but Foes Fear Traffic and a Ruined View [NYT]