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New Times Square Tower Boots Frankie & Johnnie

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We've dabbled in the destructoporn currently underway along Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets?a Related Companies/Boston Properties joint production that will end with a massive new office tower near Times Square?but the wrecking ball continues on its path of annihilation. When talking about this project some time back, our current guest editor Lost City wrote, "Meanwhile, the nearby old-school steakhouse Frankie and Johnny's continues to mysteriously do business, having escaped the ax somehow." No longer. Today, The Cuozz reports that the venerable steakhouse, which started out as a Prohibition-era speakeasy, will be the next to fall. Joining it will be little 726 Eighth Avenue next door. Curiously, a few tenement buildings along Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets still remain intact. Perhaps they will be incorporated into the building design as some sort of Times Square time capsule? That could make for a fun space for a Disney Store.
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