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South Brooklyn's Inner German is Totally Baked

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Traces of South Brooklyn's German past are hard to come by. There used to be two big ones: Staubitz' Meat Market and the College Bakery, both on Court Street. Now there's just one, since College Bakery closed a few years back. But a spare hour passing the time with the chatty old-timers on the South Brooklyn Social Network revealed another hidden remnant of the nabe's Teutonic forebearers. At 389 Hoyt Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, there's an antique shop we've never been able to make heads or tails of. It's never open, but it’s kept up (right, click to expand). This, we learned, used to be a German bakery. According to the SB network, it was run by a "Mrs. Schneider" who was a bit on the crazy side. There was a German deli on the corner of Third and Hoyt. Seems Hoyt once had some commercial traffic on it. Little Germany, it was. Can't find out much about Schneider's Old Bakery Shop, as it was called, but there is 1955 New York Times article: "In November of that year, Henry Mathis, the 36-year-old owner of the bakery, foiled a would-be robber by flinging at him first a chocolate cake and then a tray of buns. Both sweets smashed a glass display case each. The thief then threw the toy gun he was using as a weapon. It shattered a third display case! Total loss to the baker: $60 in property. Total money in the register: $30." ?Brooks of Sheffield
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