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Carroll Gardens Librarians Are Hot and Cranky

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Don't trust the posted hours at the Carroll Gardens branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Over the past month the library, suffering from busted air-conditioning, has gotten in the habit of closing early?like, three hours early. Yesterday, we went to the library at Union and Clinton Streets to return some books, well within operating hours, and for the second time in as many weeks, found the door being locked by a surly librarian. In addition to the posted sign, a notice on the library's website further states: "Due to the failure of the HVAC system to properly function, in order to ensure the public and our staff's safety, we have had to intermittently close the branch. However, we have received approval to begin work immediately to correct this issue, and we're projecting a mid-August completion date to restore the air conditioning." We suppose the bigger issue is why the library has to put up with no A/C for so long ("mid-August?"), but here's an idea: Fans. Solves everything, doesn't it? ?Brooks of Sheffield
· Carroll Gardens Branch [Brooklyn Public Library]