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Boarded-Up Brooklyn Building is Keeping Things Positive

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Some months ago, Lost City commented about a boarded-up building on Degraw Street near Van Brunt that put a sunny face on blight by painting the plywood in the various windows bright primary colors. The look was very Mondrian. Well, whomever owns this sad building is still at it, and is getting more ambitious. The windows are now adorned with the sweeping, undulating figures of vaguely Picasso-esque women. What's more, the plywood fence to the west bears a long mural of a similar theme. The face of the lady, repeated over and over, is reminiscent of one of the faces from "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon," but that's just our take. Now why doesn't the owner just fix the damn building and really spruce the neighborhood up? ?Brooks of Sheffield
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