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'Rich People Rooftops' Make Life Worth Living

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[Photos: Justin Williams]

Is it divine intervention that, just as the summer doldrums have us considering throwing in the towel on blogging and skipping town to ride out the summer, something comes along to snap us out of our funk and renew our love of all things real estatey? If so, then our angel's name is Justin Williams. Justin, we're told, works up high (with a camera in tow) and enjoys taking pictures of roof decks, in all their verdant and splendiferous glory. He's recently uploaded a set of photos called, simply, "Rich People Rooftops NYC," and they appear to be all in Tribeca and Soho, save for a shot of THOR on the LES. Some of our favorites are above, but do check out the complete set, if only to fill yourself with the jealousy and envy that keeps this great city up and running. Oh, and if you have pornalicious terrace/roof deck photos, send 'em our way, svp.
· Rich People Rooftops NYC [Flickr/jwilly]