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Brooklyn Battles: Hospital Vs. Neighbors Fight Gets Nastier

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The battle between Continuum-owned Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill and the disgruntled surrounding community just intensified. Earlier this week, local mailboxes were stuffed with a flyer entitled "Condos or Healthcare?" a reference to Continuum's recent habit of selling off its real estate holdings to luxury residential developers. Last week, LICH dropped the bomb that it was going to sell 97 Amity Street and the Pholemus Building across the street—two buildings central to the hospital campus. Local doctors and community leaders were none too happy.

"LICH is in Jeopardy," reads the leaflet. "Continuum has siphoned off tens of millions in Brooklyn healthcare dollars and 'borrowed' even more from LICH's own endowment, without any record of how they spent any of it, and sold off $50 million in clinics and other properties to support Manhattan hospitals."

The leaflet has no authorship, though it has some of the tone found in recent reported grievances voiced by LICH doctors. There is, however, a phone number: 718-230-9160. Presently, the voice-messaging service at the other end is not hooked up. With opposition like this, Continuum need not worry too much just yet. ? Lost City
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