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Long, Hot Summer At the Christodora

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The Village Voice profiles Christodora House penthouse owner Michael Rosen and the "curious study in contradictions that reflect the cliquey politics" of the East Village: "He's a wealthy man who lives in a luxury building and spent a couple of years buying up East Village properties, but he is also a respected community activist, a former professor of radical sociology, the father of seven adopted children, and a friend to local radicals like Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping." Rosen developed Red Square, the luxury apartment building on Houston Street that some feel helped usher in a new era in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, it has been a long summer for Rosen and other Christodora residents, targets of the new wave of Die Yuppie Scum protests, which may explain his outburst one July night: "I am not scum, and my children are not scum!" ?EV Grieve [VV; Previously]