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Future Thoughts: Remember When There Was a Gas Station in the East Village? One That Only Charged $4.35 a Gallon?

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Blogger Flaming Pablum has run a couple of posts called Things That Aren't There, a series of photographs he took in the late 1980s through early 2000 of stuff that "more or less now no longer exists." Such as this shot of the— sigh—Cedar Tavern on University Place, home now to a highrise. This led us to take a closer look at some of our recent photographs. What will this part of Manhattan look like, in, say, 15 years? Above, one that intrigues us, the choice northeast corner on Second Avenue and 1st Street in the East Village.

What will cabs look like in 15 years? How much will a gallon of gas cost? Will this still even be a gas station—or, perhaps, a spiffy condo? And, most important, was The Spirit as bad as it looked? —EV Grieve
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· Things That Aren't There [Flaming Pablum]