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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Overpriced in 10013?

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Location: 170 Duane Street
Asking: $4,500,000

Surprised? Tribeca, you'll recall, is America's most overpriced zip code, so shouldn't this pretty triplex loft on fabu Duane Street be listed at four-and-a-half kazillion dollars, not million? So, in essence, this Downtown condo is a bargain, and a tricky one at that. There was a correct guess, but all the way down at #25. Said our anonymous winner, "Low maintenance, which should be a hint. I'd say this one is a bargain (or not as expensive). $750,000 per bedroom (x 4 = 3 million) + $1.5 million for the rest = $4.5 million - and yes, that's my final answer." It had to take a wonky formula to figure this one out, because as another wrote, "A block away from me, so I know that Duane St. is one of the most desirable streets not only in NYC but in the world. Decent maintenance, gorgeous apt, and a terrace? $5.295m at least." Like we said: kazillions.
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