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Hot Decks: Looking Down on the Castles of Midtown

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[Photos: Denton Taylor]

Yesterday, thanks to a shutterbug with a very good zoom lens, we got a look at some jaw-dropping Downtown roof decks. Nothing says summer in Manhattan like a garden-in-the-sky (except for maybe a packed Jitney), so we put out a call for more hot decks. And, by the grace of Niord, the Norse god of summer, the Curbed Nation responded! First up in what will hopefully be a continuing series is a trip up to Midtown, where photographer Denton Taylor has been hording roof deck photos for just such an occasion. Some of these buildings will be very familiar, some won't be. Identify them in the comments! And don't forget to send us more pictures of those sexy, sexy rooftops. They make the pain go away.
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